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Wax Melts

Beauty with Fragrance

The wax melts from iCustomlabel are a great way to fill the atmosphere of your house with wonderful fragrance. These are hand-poured products and do not burn away like candles do. These are basically heated by tealight in order to fill your rooms with a wonderful aroma. You can select any of these wax melts with beautiful shapes and sizes. You can choose any scent type in different categories.

We would also like to let you know that if there are any specific fragrances that you do not like or are allergic to, please do include that information before making purchase. The designs and aroma of our prized products are the result of hard work and a thorough research conducted by our experts. So once you have finalized a design, you can get a large number of scents it is as well. We are sure you will keep coming back to us!