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Wedding Mini Champagne Split Labels

Wedding Mini Champagne Split Labels Are Your Ideal Party Favors

When your wedding day is not too far, the mini champagne split labels is the obvious choice for the occasion. But where are you going to find them as your genuine requirement? It has to be none other than iCustomlabel as a natural destination for you to get your desired labels and stickers. If you are planning your wedding ceremony in a big way, our mini champagne split labels will give your guests a delightful watch. Once you have them designed and composed from us, we are pretty sure that these labels and stickers will be completely unique for your special day.

How you can design your own split labels?

In order to put your designs on our mini champagne split labels, you can upload your photos and texts, send to us and we will personalize the labels for you. iCustomlabel will print any of your designs according to your desired dimensions. After getting printed, you can yourself notice the color and texture of our labels and stickers. These have many features such as water resistant, long lasting, attractive designs, colorful layouts and most importantly quite affordable.