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Wedding Mini Wine Labels

If you are busy with your wedding planning and want something extraordinary happen on your
wedding celebration, try our labels and stickers and wrap them around your favorite bottles of
wine. is increasingly becoming a preferred destination for brides and grooms
who want marvelous liquor labels in their wedding parties. Our stickers are not only cheap and
portable, but they are colorful and long lasting. They are made from a strong synthetic paper
that sticks very perfectly on wine and liquor bottles.
Add magic to your wine bottle
Your big day is arriving fast and this is the time to get your acts together. Now, if you really care
to make your wedding memorable, the stickers and labels of will grab the
eye-balls of all of your guests. Our awesome designers are quite capable of creating magic in
your wedding by providing you stickers that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. You can put your
own message, text, image, photos or punch lines on these labels and we will print them the way
you would want them to be.